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Domestic Assault

Relationships sometimes go sour. Often arguments are filled with passion, emotion and anger, and they escalate to one or both of the parties calling 911. Law enforcement responds and typically makes a judgment call on whether to make an arrest and who to arrest. These cases are complicated by the fact that there is normally not an independent credible witness. A prosecutor is left with the self-serving statements of the parties and the conclusions drawn by the officer. Many defendants in these situations try to save some money and represent themselves. They are lured into offers that don’t require jail time. Don’t let this be you! Domestic Assault is serious! Domestic Assault is an enhanceable offense, meaning a conviction can be used to make future similar offenses more severe- as gross misdemeanors or even felonies depending on the timing of the new offense in relation to the prior. Domestic Assault convictions are also a major red flag to employers and landlords. I can help advise you and have had great success at negotiating outcomes that avoid the “domestic assault” label, and often work out resolutions that result in no conviction at all. I have also tried many domestic assault cases with great results.

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